X-Men Drabbles

Cousin Shelley


Prompt: Literary Quotes, December 2004

  They both loved Jean.

She was the lynchpin of their relationship, at once their source of contention and the one good thing they had in common. They had heard Jean's voice in their minds: "She would joyfully die with him, or, better than that, die for him."

Her death left no one between them, holding them at arms length.

So they collided. First with fists. Then other gestures. Lips on pale eyelids. Knuckles down a bare chest.

Each wanted the other to forget himself, to let go with an extended claw or a quick glance.

Because they both loved Jean.


Prompt: Hiding places and TV/Movie quotes, December 2004

  There was nowhere for Erik to hide, and escape attempts were pointless. People didn't escape, they disappeared en masse. The guards laughed at their despair, and shouted, "Widerstand ist vergeblich." Resistance is futile.

Years later, Erik took refuge in Charles' arms, the school, the bright perfection and hum of steel. Until his government considered marking him with another Star of David. He knew they would eventually make it necessary for all mutants to hide from society.

Erik Magnus Lensherr had desperately wished for a secret hiding place to avoid the cruel taskmasters at Auschwitz.

Magneto would hide from no one.

A Good Excuse

Prompt: Under the Mistletoe, December 2004

  After the furniture was righted and the window and wall damage assessed, Logan shrugged. "I don't know why Cyke went off."

Logan had kissed Jean, and Scott had flown into him. They'd punched, kicked and thrown each other around the room until Jean erected a barrier between them.

The Professor sighed. "Logan, why?"

"She was standing under the mistletoe," he said, as if the Professor were mentally slow. Then he stalked out.

No one present had missed how Logan had motioned for Jean and then maneuvered her into that doorway. And no one missed how, after that, Rogue hovered there.

Freedoms, Anniversaries

Prompt: None, January 2005

  Long ago, Magneto convinced her she was a goddess among peasants. He freed her. Now, she'd freed him from that plastic prison.

Mystique watched him, knowing that tonight he was held captive in the past. Jeweled skin rippled, and she gave him the only reprieve she could grant. She spoke in a man's voice: "Erik."

Magneto glared at her, stunned. Then she rose on strong legs, and walked to him. He gasped. Mystique felt a hand graze her thigh as she combed Charles' fingers through Erik's hair. She touched his cheek until his eyes closed.

Blue again, she walked away.