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These characters are owned by Stephen Sommers and Universal Studios.
No money is being made from these works of fiction, no disrespect is intended.
On the contrary.  I love them so much, I wanted to spend more time with them.

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Many of these stories are "slash," meaning they depict gay relationships.  Explicit stories are marked.
If gay or sexual content offends you, don't read them.

Spin (2,330 words) NC-17
This is set sometime before 'The London Assignment,' (which is also before the movie, for those who haven't seen TLA).
December, 2004.

Leverage and Momentum  ( 9,880 words) NC-17
Sequel to Spin. You should read Spin first to avoid having to shake your head and wonder what the hell was that about? Brother Caleb is my character. He rarely gets the respect he thinks he deserves. This is his third appearance in my fiction. He is not impressed.
June, 2005

Sins of the Father (26,300 words) NC-17
Carl has a secret he's keeping from everyone, especially Van Helsing, who discovers the terrible secret and helps Carl work through his past.

A Measure of Guilt (4,230 words)
After Carl and Gabriel leave Transylvania for home, they react differently to what they've just been through.
January 2005

Natural Ability (480 words)
A short conversation between Carl and Van Helsing a couple of months after Transylvania.  
March, 2006

The Most Important Meal of the Day (Battle Cry 2) (1,770 words) NC-17
Carl talks dirty.  The sequel to Battle Cry.  Read it first for sparkling comprehension.
June, 2005

Opposites Attract (2,270 words)
Carl's playing with unstable chemicals again, and the results shock him and Van Helsing. 
April, 2005

For a Good Day (890 words)
A day made a little bit better, sometime after Transylvania.
February, 2007

Scent (270 words)
Two years after Transylvania, both men catch a scent that takes them back. 
January, 2006

Waiting (330 words)
Top Hat is a patient man.
May, 2007.

Something (460 words) adult
Part 1 of this short 3 parter, "Nothing," is not my story. It's the beautiful work of Marylou, and is actually a stand-alone PG-rated story that I liked so much, I want to write two little companions to it.  And bless her, she let me.
January, 2005

Distraction (1,470 words) adult
Van Helsing's having a problem, and Carl's trying to help.
October, 2005

Just the Right Static Charge (3,200 words)
Carl tries to right a grievous wrong. Written for Pati's birthday.
May, 2011

Darken the Moon (8,850 words) 2011 NC-17
Dracula's antidote removed the werewolf's curse, but withdrawal takes time. Written for Yuletide 2011.

April Fool's Day
I've written an April Fool's Day Van Helsing story every year since 2005.
I probably know why, but maybe not.

Battle Cry, or Your Momma (1,670 words) adult
This started with a LiveJournal meme called "What's your battle cry?" A friend's battle cry was sufficiently funny that I tried it. Then she said something to the effect of "Can't you just hear Carl saying that?" I found myself, against my will, imagining Carl saying most of them, sort of in the context of the "sweaty-toothed madman!" scene from The Dead Poet's Society.
April 1st, 2005

Carl's Mistake (610 words) adult
I've worked on this gut-wrenchingly emotional story for seven years now. Bled, sweated and bawled over it. So reed and revue, kthxbye.
April 1st, 2006

A Long Time Coming (570 words) adult
Carl has wanted to do this to Van Helsing for a while now. Van Helsing has not been equally enthused. Today, he gives in.
April 1st, 2007

Pati's Big Adventure (1270 words)
Carl and Van Helsing have been in the time machine again, and have ended up in Pati H.'s house.
April 1st, 2008

Carl's Diary (1390 words)
Dear Diary, Carl style
April 1st, 2009

A Pinch to Grow On (2,610 words)
Birthdays and alternate realities.
April 1st, 2010

Carl the Poet (1,050 words)
Who knew Carl had a Poet's Soul?
April 1st, 2011

Side-Effects (2,230 words) adult
Carl's All Fool's Day concoction has an unintended but delightful side-effect.
April 1st, 2012

Birthdays, Holidays and Crack!fic
A Really Short Halloween Story with a Really Long Title (920 words)
(Or, Carl and Van Helsing Time Warp to 2007 and Have $20 to Spend at Wal-Mart and, a House in the Suburbs, for No Discernable Reason) Silly Halloween fun, chiefly for me.
October 31, 2007

Semantics and Angry Poultry (2,160 words)
A sequel to a nikoru's fun fic, for her birthday.  Read The Semantics of Contracts, part 2 of 9 of her Splice of Life series, if you hope to understand a pop of it.
November, 2005

Of Eyestalks, Stalking and Animal Anatomy (2,600 words)
A sequel to the above story, Semantics and Angry Poultry. Read the two previous stories for it to make sense.
September 10, 2010

Not!my birthday, but a Thanksgiving, 2009, fiction exchange between me and my 13-year-old daughter! She wrote this Van Helsing story for me:  Untitled  :)

A Van Full of Testosterone. And Weapons. (1,340 words)
National Treasure/Van Helsing crossover.  Yes, really. This story is based on several late night conversations and many private jokes with xandri, to whom it is dedicated. It might not make a whip of sense to anyone else.
August, 2005

If You Don't Want Someone to Read It (860 words)
A sequel to Pati's Big Adventure, for her birthday
June, 2009

(There's a third story in the "series," written by Pati for my birthday, yay! It's Bad Hair Day, or When Van Helsing Saw Twice.)

Just the Right Static Charge (3,200 words)
Carl tries to right a grievous wrong. Written for Pati's birthday. Though the story isn't crack!fic, it can serve as a sort of sequel to some of the stranger stuff. :)
May, 2011
Drabbles (100 words)
But Scrollwork Improves the Aim
Sweet Talk
Carl's creations are more than just deadly weapons.  Two linked drabbles.
April, 2006

What friends give. 
April, 2006
Fine Print adult
Vladislaus' regret.
October 2005

Persuasion adult
Who's affecting whom?
April, 2005

InsaneJournal Porn Battle
The point was to write porn that doesn't exceed the limits of the comment box.
Choices (750 words) NC-17
The prompt was 'restraints.' Carl has vivid dreams.
April, 2008

Unlocked (580 words) NC-17
The prompt was 'unlocked.'  Van Helsing makes an unexpected discovery.
April, 2008

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