Disclaimer: As sonnets go, these are pretty awful. But I enjoyed writing them and giving it a good go, nonetheless.

A Sonnet Series



He aspired to the Empire's tarnished throne;
General, for whom mercy held no sway.
Though gods would crush him under ash and stone,
He, from death's grip, his daughter ripped away.
Mortal concerns no longer given pause;
Blood and blood's hunt, reason for endless days.
Ever freed from death's unrelenting claws,
Yet clutched by dark, by the moon's nightly phase.
Evil unseen in Rome's talent for blood
Dwelled in his child-master, mate by design
Whom, once thought more precious than life, and loved,
His fury stilled beneath Ra's seal divine.
   Guilt embittered his even colder heart;
   Doomed, alone, to perfect his brutal art.



Blue blood of nobles, her spirit of fire;
Sold for mans' pleasures and yet noble still.
In a thousand years he'd known no desire
As that stirred by a raven-haired harlot's will.
Body once defiled, nobility spurned,
She yielded within the vampire's caress.
His cold hand in hers, his colder lips burned;
His kiss, her body and blood would possess.
An unwelcome touch she'd suffer no more;
Transformed, her body no longer disgraced.
His creation: Queen of the Night, from a whore;
At once, mortal stains and shame, he erased.
   He, better than those from whom she'd been freed,
   For beauty's sake, would fulfill every need.



His sword blazed for God, his spirit most swift,
They desired him; darkness hungry for light.
Seduced by softness, raven female gift,
Flesh tempted by silken gaze in the night.
With skill, this siren seduced DeBrabant;
His weary soul, her tender touch ignited.
His urgent passion was stoked, burst upon
By eternal nights of love invited.
He turned, by choice, from Light's one bright portal
To the one whose wishes would now be served.
All time spent as companion immortal;
In exchange, the promise of youth preserved.
   The offered wrist taken, bright demon eyes
   Embraced eternal death in life's disguise.



Consumed with the hunger that through him burned,
His Protege had few moments of doubt.
Loyalty given, his dark lessons learned,
Morality's laws and concerns, cast out.
Centuries rolling in hot mortal blood,
Nature and spirit could not reconcile;
Chinks in the dam slowly birthing a flood.
His father's great gift he came to revile.
He fled from his master in moral regret;
The deaths by his hand, the suffering wrought.
To pay, with good deeds, his guilt-imposed debt:
Refusal of pleasures his nature sought.
   He's pursued by whom his soul enraptured;
   Ever sought, and found, but never captured.

March, 1999
Cousin Shelley
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