Various Fandom Drabbles


Fandom: Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness)
Prompt: Tsuzuki/Muraki, April 2006


"I understand your hatred, but such lack of gratitude." Muraki gestured at the green-eyed boy who stood several feet away. "If I were not a killer, you would not have him."

Tsuzuki looked at Hisoka's expression of concern and fear, and felt shamed by the truth in Muraki's words. And hated him more for them.

Muraki smiled sweetly. "It's all right. Love, hate--it doesn't matter. Emotions felt that strongly all become one thing." He brushed his fingertips over Tsuzuki's forehead. "Obsession. I'm in here. That's enough, for now."

He winked at Hisoka and strode away, white coat billowing behind him.


Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Prompt: Elrond and Aragorn, April 2006


"They are here, and ready for the council." Elrond put his hands on the man's shoulders and squeezed. "It should become known to all now that you are Isildur's heir. That you are the hope of Middle Earth, the future king of Men. That you will lead. That you must."

Aragorn lowered his head in concession. "You can tell them who I am. But they may not believe it."

Elrond stepped aside as if to pass, but paused in front of him and leaned close without touching. "They are not the ones who need convincing." He straightened and walked on.


Fandom: Interview with the Vampire (movie, mostly)
Prompt: Louis/Armand, April 2006


Once Louis was safe in the carriage and Armand sent it racing away from the burning Teatre de Vampires, Armand turned to him and cupped the back of his neck. "You killed them all."

"Yes." Louis could feel the excitement coursing through Armand. Armand whom he loved, whom he hated, who killed Claudia to keep him.

"To avenge the little one."

"Yes." He knew his rage, his despair, was like blood to Armand, sustaining him in the way a thousand, a million kills no longer could.

"She was monstrous."

"And beautiful."

Armand smiled, leaned closer. "Yes. As are we all."