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These belong to whomever they belong to.
I play with them because they're wonderful.
I return them unscathed. Mostly.

Many of these stories are "slash," meaning they depict gay relationships.  Explicit stories are marked.
If gay or sexual content offends you, don't read them.
The Yuletide Treasure Project
  2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Galaxy Quest

Thespians, Aliens and a Damn, Stupid Hammer (4,340 words) 2008
Alexander thinks about Quellek more often than Jason takes his shirt off on the show.  He might have a chance to purge his regrets.

Just Doing His Part for Morale (760 words) 2009
Fred's doing his part to make things run smoothly at the

Boston Legal

$#*! Denny Says (1,680 words) 2010
Not technically part of the Yuletide collection, but written as a Yuletide gift for Lyrastar, who couldn't participate this year.
Denny god damn Crane.

Panda Cheese TV Commercials

Everybody Loves Cheese, or Else (1,740 words) 2010
Never say no to Panda, seriously.

WKRP in Cincinnati

Morning with Johnny (370 words) 2010
Morning isn't Johnny's best time of day.

A Bit of Fry & Laurie

An Illicit Co-Worker Affair Filled with Passionate Socks (1,080 words) 2011
Tony and Control reveal their feelings in as clear and accurate a manner as possible.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

A Taste for It (930 words) 2011 adult
What Victor and Logan were before they were enemies.

(More X-Men and Wolverine)

Van Helsing

Darken the Moon (8,850 words) 2011 NC-17
Dracula's antidote removed the werewolf's curse, but withdrawal takes time.

(More Van Helsing)

In Demand (Texas Music Video)

Blown Away (4,790 words) 2012
He looked down at her flushed face and her smile, and it was at that moment something changed.

True Blood

Some Crazy, Random, Happenstance Bullshit That All Turned Out Okay (6,500 words) 2009 adult
Lafayette has a Bon Temps kind of good day.

Father, Brother, Child (760 words) 2009
A look at Eric's and Godric's parting decades before, and their reunion.

Not Much for Conversation (970 words) 2010 adult
Eric and Pam discuss a new dancer.

Eastern Promises

Tests of Power (2,070 words) 2008 adult
Kirill, we don't kill babies.

"Tests of Power" was nominated for a Men of Middle Earth (MOME) award in 2009. :)

Soft and Bright (525 words) 2009
Nikolai and Kirill.

Skin Deep (1800 words) 2010 adult
Kirill might have a few doubts about whether he and Nikolai are truly partners.

Hiding Places (1,840 Words) 2011 adult
Playing games is difficult when you're not sure of the rules.


Counts, Curves and Cognac (1,325 words) 2009
Toddy and Victoria being best buddies.

 Star Trek RPF

We Forgave the Song a Long Time Ago (600 words) 2011
Shat happens, and usually we love it. But not always.

(More Star Trek)

The Ricky Gervais Show

Karl's Brain, Such as it Is (1,470 words) 2011
Zombies have ravaged the world. Pointless conversations must go on.

Night Court

Nothing in My Hat, Nothing Up My Sleeve (2,020 words) 2010
Harry wants to have a long overdue conversation; Dan is less enthusiastic.

Hogan's Heroes

Playing the Part (7,700 words) 2010
After Colonel Klink is injured in an ambush, Hogan must rescue him. Male bonding ensues as they make their way back to safety.


Steamy Women with Erotic Desires (6,370 words) 2011 NC-17
Walter comes to appreciate Auto a bit more after Auto uncovers some interesting things about Walter and the way humans relate.

Peep Show

Everything's Going to be Totally Great Forever (3,350 words) 2012 adult
Mark, Jeremy and Super Hans get high, and the El Dude brothers make a discovery.

Modern Family

What's in a Name? (6,130 words) 2010
Phil tries to find the perfect present for his and Claire's upcoming anniversary, but things don't go quite as he planned.

More True Blood

The Way to a Man's Heart  (720 words) adult
This was written for the Happyfest. The prompt was Bill/Sookie, pie.
July, 2009
More Modern Family

Daddy-O (2,400 words)
A Cam and Mitchell story I wrote in a fic exchange with my 13-year-old! Here story to me is Van Helsing. :)
November, 2009
Starsky & Hutch

Luck (3,630 words) adult
This was written for the Starsky & Hutch Slashfest at LiveJournal.
Ya hafta make your own luck, sometimes.
June, 2005
Star Trek (The Original Series)

Instinct (1,530 words)
This was written for the Happyfest. The prompt was Spock/McCoy, snark.
Spock and McCoy argue have a discussion.
July, 2009
Glee and Supernatural Blangst for the Birthday Girl -- 2012
My daughter wanted people to write her angsty Kurt/Blaine stories for her birthday. I wrote a couple Glee and Supernatural (Sam/Dean angst) stories with not-necessarily-happy endings to her taste. Then I had to write a happy ending and a cracky crossover to save my sanity

Blaine, Interrupted (4,780 words) -- Glee
Blaine is in Lima, but Kurt's in New York and doesn't seem to mind the separation.

Beyond Words (380 words) -- Glee
Blaine and Burt sit at Kurt's bedside.
Peace (1,220 words) -- Supernatural
Sam wants Dean to have Peace.
Not Quite Myself (1,400 words) --Glee/Supernatural Crossover
Dean and Sam have to help out Kurt and Blaine. All the sad and angst of these birthday stories got to me, and this was the result.

Not Quite Myself (1,400 words) --Glee/Supernatural Crossover
Dean and Sam have to help out Kurt and Blaine.

For the Marvel Movies Crossover Ficathon on Livejournal

All from September, 2010

Supergirl (5,160 words) -- X-Men/Kick Ass Crossover
Hit Girl and Wolverine meet and each learns a little from the experience.

Masks (6,240 words) -- X-Men/Spiderman Crossover adult
Scott Summers goes to Norman Osborn for funding to help Xavier's School, and gets more than money.

Tipping the Scales (2,297 words)
A Forever Knight/Constantine crossover.This is set during Season 3, shortly after the episode Sons of Belial. I realize the timelines don't sync very well, so let's pretend that eppy takes place just before the events in the movie Constantine. Otherwise, Chas would not be nearly old enough to drive.
March, 2006

A Van Full of Testosterone. And Weapons. (1,339 words)
National Treasure/Van Helsing crossover.  Yes, really. This story is based on several late night conversations and many private jokes with xandri, to whom it is dedicated. It might not make a whip of sense to anyone else.
August, 2005
Random Fandom Drabbles (100 words)
Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness). Muraka, Tsuzuki and Hisoka.
April, 2005
Int. w/the Vamp. Armand and Louis.
April, 2006
Lord of the Rings
In Bloom (3,200 words) adult
Faramir and the White Tree have something in common.
September, 2007

Kingly Gifts (4,700 words) adult
This was written for a Trick or Treat fic exchange for someone who wanted Aragorn and Boromir, a little on the dark side.
October, 2009
Watchers (1,040 words)
This was written for a friend who wanted something about Faramir inspired by the lyrics to Beautiful Disaster.
Where there's Faramir, so goes Boromir.
September, 2006

Identity Drabble (100 words)
Aragorn and Elrond
April, 2006
Ficsfordaisy challenge.
The challenge was to write 3 stories with a common theme
 each based on a different character played by David Wenham.
All are from June, 2005
Better Halves (1,020 words)
Sam Flynn from the movie Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

Bohemian Rhapsody (880 words)
Audrey from the movie Moulin Rouge!
$727,000 (800 words)
Jim Doyle from the movie The Bank
For the X-Men Movieverse Ficathon on Livejournal
All from November, 2009

Letting Go (4,385 words)
Post X-2. Logan can't believe that no one's looking for Scott. This is fix-it fic.

Stalemate (5,090 words) adult
Charles and Erik between X1 and X2.

Symbiotic Metamorphosis (9,700 words)
This was a collaboration with brighteyedcat. Mystique as a teenager is recruited by Erik Lehnsherr and brought to the school.  Xavier and Lehnsherr give her a lesson in using her powers.

For the Marvel Movies Crossover Ficathon on Livejournal
All from September, 2010

Supergirl (5,160 words) -- X-Men/Kick Ass Crossover
Hit Girl and Wolverine meet and each learns a little from the experience.

Masks (6,240 words) -- X-Men/Spiderman Crossover adult
Scott Summers goes to Norman Osborn for funding to help Xavier's School, and gets more than money.

Drabbles (100 words)

Scott and Logan, post X-2
December, 2004

December, 2004

A Good Excuse
Christmastime and mistletoe.
December, 2004

Freedoms, Anniversaries

Magneto and Mystique, and someone else.
January, 2005

Oh, You Punta Loca! (650 words)

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining I Love Lucy and Muppet Babies. The story should use possession by Satan as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

Because, you know, what the hell.
January, 2009

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