This Forever Knight poem first appeared in the 1999 charity fanzine The Unnamed Faction Pillow Book

Nick Asks an Ubiquitous Question

"(They) can't destroy me!" -- a mortal LaCroix, as Vesuvius erupted

"If you knew then what you
know now, LaCroix . . .?"

" . . . would my dusty remains
be buried with Pompeii?"

He'd expected the question
for centuries, yet had
never fashioned a reply.
Curious golden-blue eyes
shimmered a thousand answers.
A wet, pink tongue considered.

"If I knew all, then I'd have
known of you."

He cupped hardness in his hand,
even as softness tempted his mouth.

"And surely this is reason enough
to have swelled up tall, ripping mere
gods from the sky."

May, 1999
Cousin Shelley

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