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These characters are owned by Jim Parriott and Tristar.
The characters in Constantine are owned by DC and Warner Brothers.
No money is being made from these works of fiction, no disrespect is intended.
On the contrary.  I love them so much, I wanted to spend more time with them.

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Many of these stories are "slash," meaning they depict gay relationships.  Explicit stories are marked.
If gay or sexual content offends you, don't read them.
Reclaiming (5,380 words)
This story is my version of the Last Knight (the final episode) how it woulda, coulda, shoulda happened. I've taken some liberties with the actual dialogue in the show, letting some take place behind the scenes, and changing some slightly to fit my particular version of the story. This story starts during the episode Last Knight.
May, 2001

Lessons (1,900 words)
Some sink in slower than others.
November, 2007

Tipping the Scales (2,300 words)
A Forever Knight/Constantine crossover.This is set during Season 3, shortly after the episode Sons of Belial. I realize the timelines don't sync very well, so let's pretend that eppy takes place just before the events in the movie Constantine. Otherwise, Chas would not be nearly old enough to drive.
March, 2006

Possession (6,960 words) NC-17
This story takes place about 3 weeks after the episode Sons of Belial. It appeared in the charity fanzine The Unnamed Faction Pillow Book.
May, 1999

Victor's Tale (1,670 words) adult
Nick and LaCroix from a different point of view.  Richard and Victor are my characters.
April, 2002

Puppet Masters (720 words) adult
Written for a 'disturbed sleep' challenge at contrelamontre at LiveJournal, where you have limited time to write. This one took 50 minutes. Who's controlling whom?
August, 2005

One to Grow On (390 words)
Sometime during the 2nd season. Schanke has a birthday. 
January, 2006

Pull (450 words)
The cost of the bond between master and protégé.
October, 2005

Uninvited (450 words)
Nicholas and LaCroix, and unspoken agreements. 
November, 2007

If We Kissed (6,510 words) NC-17
This story directly follows the events in the episode Night in Question. It's the first fanfic I wrote as as an adult (I scrawled Star Trek stories as a kid.) And it's a songfic--the lyrics are from What Would Happen by Meredith Brooks. First posted fanfic, 10-year-old songfic . . . that's your final warning.
March, 1998

Drabbles (100 words)
Schanke's bad habit.
January, 2005

At First Sight
A decision made in 1228.
January, 2006
Monday's Child, Tuesday's Child
Children as different as night and. . . twilight.
January, 2006

Rules of Engagment

All relationships are unique. 
April, 2006
Fun Stuff and Crack!fic
Support Group for Fanfic Characters (1,750 words) adult
A support group meeting for slash fan fiction characters.  Because we lampoon what we love.
November, 2004
Love That Burns Forever and Ever and Melts Everything  (mercifully short) NC-17
This story is bad. Very, very bad. But that's good, because it was written for the Unnamed Faction's 7-Paragraph BAD Slash Challenge. The object was to write the worst slash story possible in only 7 paragraphs. The badder, the better. Innocent Pornwriter is a good friend of mine. She's a *reluctant* porn writer (can't bring herself to write words like f*ck or c*ck) who's in desperate need of an ear for dialogue, a good editor, and maybe a few good men. She also tends to write while picturing a Fabio-graced romance-novel cover in her head.I'm told she wrote this while premenstrual, directly after eating two- and-a-half bags of peanut M&Ms. Go figure.
November, 2002

Poetry and Miscellaneous Stuff
Poem. Final ballot nominee in the 1998 Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards.
December 1998

Nick Asks An Ubiquitous Question adult
Poem. Appeared in the charity fanzine The Unnamed Faction Pillow Book.
May, 1999

Fifteenth Century Bed adult
Poem. Appeared in the charity fanzine The Unnamed Faction Pillow Book.
May, 1999
Janette and LaCroix, They
February, 2001

A Sonnet Series
Four linked sonnets. 
March, 1999

Are You Feeding?
Sing it to the tune of "Frere Jacques" (Are You Sleeping?)

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