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Yuletide Treasure 2010–Fanfic I Wrote

  • Posted on June 4, 2011 at 6:50 pm

The list of stories I was gifted with this year is lengthy, and it’s here. Awesome, awesome stuff!

I wrote quite a bit this year, as well, and had a lot of fun doing it! You can find this list and all the other stories I’ve written for Yuletide at my Works page at the Yuletide archive, if you’d rather read them there instead of here. It shows the comments people have made, who they were for, that sort of thing.

What’s in a Name?Modern Family fan fiction, Phil/Claire Dunphy. This was my assigned story. It’s a Phil and Claire story (completely PG-13ish, by the way) but most the extended family make an appearance. It’s the second Modern Family story I’ve written–tons of fun.

Yuletide Treats:

Playing the PartHogan’s Heroes fan fiction; Klink, Hogan. The story primarily features Klink and Hogan. I grew up on this show, but never thought about writing it before. Two people had very similar Klink/Hogan prompts, and while I didn’t go into slash territory (the story’s PG-13, I think), the prompts were the perfect excuse to write a friendship and growing bond between them that I’d always wanted to be there when I was a kid watching the show. God, I loved writing this story. It was so satisfying!

Skin DeepEastern promises slash with Nikolai/Kirill. Three years of Yuletide, three EP slash stories. A tradition maybe? It is Christmastime in the movie, you know. Adults only.

Nothing in My Hat, Nothing Up My SleeveNight Court slash with Dan/Harry. I’m a die-hard Night Court fan. I used to videotape the episodes on Thursday nights and watch them all week. I love these two.

$#*! Denny SaysBoston Legal slash with Denny/Alan. Fairly tame. Technically, it’s a crossover. This isn’t actually part of the Yuletide collection, but it’s Yuletide to me all the same, written for Lyrastar who couldn’t participate this year and posted Christmas eve to seem legit.

Morning with JohnnyWKRP in Cincinnati genfic. Johnny Fever was my favorite, so I couldn’t resist the prompt.

Not Much for ConversationTrue Blood fanfic. It gave me the excuse to have Eric being sexy and Pam being snarky. Adults only.

Everybody Loves Cheese, or Else Panda Cheese commercials fanfic. Yes, the story was written based on some funny cheese commercials. Pure crack, and a lot of fun. Never say no to Panda!

Again, I had a blast with Yuletide. I¬†almost didn’t sign up because I knew I’d be busy, but I’m so glad I did. I always seem to make the time for it, so I anticipate playing again this year. It’s too much fun not to!