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Birthday Gifts and Other Goodies

Untitled -- A Van Helsing story written for me by my daughter! I wrote a Modern Family fanfic for her, and she wrote a Carl story for me. We exchanged them Thanksgiving, 2009. She knows me so well. It's awesome!

Bad Hair Day, or When Van Helsing Saw Twice -- A Van Helsing story written for my birthday in 2009, by Pati. :) This continues their hijinks just perfectly. SO MUCH FUN.

Seconds and Lifetimes-- A Van Helsing Drabble written for my birthday in 2009, by nikoru sanzo! Beautiful! And for my birthday a few years ago, she also made me this card, which you would understand a little better if you read her fun story about the many eye-stalked beholder and a transmogrified Va--chicken.

birthday card

Fanfiction Exchanges and YULETIDE! *confetti*

Various Fan Fiction Fests, Ficathons and Exchanges
Starsky & Hutch Slashfest, 2005
The Death of the Six-Week Rule adult
 Serious Starsky and Hutch goodness.
Just what I was hoping for, only better.
X-Men Movieverse Ficathon, 2009
Fighting Fair
I wanted a fix-it fic in which Magneto doesn't abandon Mystique, because I don't think he would have.
I got it like gangbusters.

  Sons of Gondor Lord of the Rings
Trick or Treat Exchange, 2009
A Faramir/Boromir story
with the tone just right between the brothers.
Marvel Movies Crossover Ficathon, 2010
Public Display
A crossover between Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.
Yuletide Treasure: The Obscure Fandom Fan Fiction Exchange Project
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Yuletide 2008 - 300
Sometimes you have to hurt before you can heal.

Yuletide 2008 - Lawrence of Arabia
Victory and defeat shadow one another--
in Damascus, and in Deraa.
Yuletide 2009 - American Gothic
Physical Fitness
A chance encounter in the locker room leads
to more than just a discussion of workouts.
Yuletide 2010 - Lawrence of Arabia
Beneath the Stars
Aurens was Arabia's brightest star.
Yuletide 2010 - The Prophecy
Broken Faith
Sometimes all you can hope for is something to believe in.
Yuletide 2010 - The Prophecy
On Holy Ground
Thomas Daggett has a visitor he wishes would just leave,
 but who stays in order to seduce him.
Yuletide 2010 - Watchmen
Filling in the journey between Dreiberg's basement and Manhattan's government complex, Rorschach has some thoughts.
Yuletide 2010 - Legion
Don't Look Up
Michael could always see what Gabriel couldn't.
Yuletide 2010 - Watchmen
One by One
They don't know what they are dealing with. Even those he works with, they don't really think he means it. Except he does.

Yuletide 2010 - Watchmen
Many Happy Returns
Rorschach may have a soft spot somewhere.
Yuletide 2010 -Watchmen
Never Surrender
Five drabbles featuring Rorschach set between the passage of the Keene Act and the start of the graphic novel.
Note: There are eight stories just from 2010,
because I ended up with no gift story by Christmas Eve.
Several pinch-hitters jumped in at the last minute and
Made. My. Yuletide.
Yuletide 2011 - American Gothic
Certain Surrender
Gail goes to Lucas' garden in search of her necklace. She tells herself that's the reason, at least.
Yuletide 2011-Lawrence of Arabia
An Ordinary Effort
You wear our traditions like a keffiyeh.
Yuletide 2012 - Parks and Recreation
Tradition of Fishin'
Ron Swanson's my favorite character, so I requested a Ron story.
Yuletide 2013
I requested four fandoms:
Watchmen, Fantasy Island, Lawrence of Arabia and Sleepy Hollow. Which will it be? *rubs hands together*

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